Company Profile
Rueger Sdn Bhd is now turn into its third generation of dynamic and enthusiastic family management, has consistently set the pace in the fields of temperature and pressure measurement of high precision. Rueger has specialized in the development and manufacture of temperature measurement instruments, particularly electrical temperature sensors, bimetallic and gas pressure thermometers since it was founded in Lausanne in 1942. Over the last 20 years the company has expanded its product range.
Rueger also offers a full range of gauges for measuring pressure and differential pressure for various industrial applications. In addition to being well established in Europe and Asia with a network of 3 subsidiaries (Germany, Malaysia & China), and works with more than 60 agents worldwide. It goes without saying that Rueger is certified ISO 9001:2008 and offer instruments for hazard environments.
Bimetallic thermometers
With our individual calibration and double spiral technology, we have the most compact bimetallic systems in the world and guarantee optimal accuracy and short response time.
  • General Industry
  • HVAC heating
  • HVAC cold water
  • HVAC ventilation
Gas Pressure Thermometers
The main features of gas thermometers are the wide range of measurement possible (-260°C to 700°C), their extreme resistance to vibration and the possibility of taking measurements from a distance (remote reading).Thanks to our long experience, we can offer a huge range of gas thermometers to meet the highest demands of different industrial applications.
  • TG1
  • Thermo-FlexibleThermo
  •  Manufacturing Range
Pressure Gauges
Measurement of pressure and temperature are often complementary, which gives us a dominant position in the supply of mechanical measurement instruments. Our pressure gauges have the qualities that caracterize our manufacture: accuracy, robustness and versatility
  • Low Pressure
  • Pressure Gauges Brochures
  • High Pressure
OEM Products
With nearly 70 years at the forefront of temperature measurement, RÜEGER has achieved tremendous know-how in the design and production of specific temperature sensors and thermometers to meet all customer requirements. With expertise in the mass production of mechanical and electrical products, RÜEGER is a supplier of OEM products such as electronic thermostats, HVC sensors, valve thermometers, outdoor activity equipment, refrigeration gauges, etc.

Send RÜEGER your specific requirements and you will get the most suitable high quality product designed and manufactured to your requested specifications.
  • Wine Thermometer
  • Temperature/ Pressure Gauge
  • Grill Thermometer
  • Thermovan
Temperature: Particular Applications
    • Household Applications
Temperature Sensor
Our sensors are custom-made in order to meet your exact requirements for use and to be able to withstand the harshest conditions.We have a team of engineers, exclusively dedicated to research and development into these types of instruments and giving our customers full support from initial stage to the commissioning.
Our knowledge and our experience, particularly in machining and welding, enable us to supply thermowells for a wide variety of industrial applications, with complete safety for our clients.We can also supply thermowells for extreme applications through the use of specialized materials and coatings
The advantage of temperature transmitters with or without display lies in the conversion of the measurement into a stable signal, leading to significant improvement in measurement accuracy.The communication protocols used for the transmitters are 4-20mA HART with two-wire technology, Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus.