TSS Analyzer - TSS 1000

TSS Analyzer - TSS 1000
  • 383888 tss analyzer 1?1495346025
  • 383889 tss analyzer 2?1495346030

Function & Features
• LCD Display
• Multi-parameter unit
• 4-wire installation
• Optical Sensor
• Wide Range
• Two(2) 4-20mA Analog Output Signal • Auto Clean Function
• Configurable relays with reset button • RS485 Communication
• IP65 rated
• CE Marked By TUV

Technical Data
The SDM-V9 Water Analyzer controller provides digital sensor technology and covers Dissolved Oxygen, Total Suspended Solid, Liquid Density and Conductivity measurements. The ease of use and comfortable operation is performed thanks to the large display, plain text interface, quick access menu, easily accessible wiring terminals and quick setup guide. With the digital sensor technology provided by the water analyzer, installation and commissioning, configuration as well as maintenance becomes substantially easier.