Online Water Analyzer

Online Water Analyzer
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Ammonia On-line Automatic Monitor Application
Industrial process water, sewage, city urban sewage and surface water, such as rivers, lakes, and seawater, etc.

Main Features:

  • Smaller reagent consumption, without the second pullution
  • Precise Measurement System
    Low failure rate and running cost are led by Nessler's reagent spectrophotometric method, met with the requirements of national environmental monitoring standards, and high Precise measurement system combined the imported multi-channel conjoined valve with the high precision photoelectric measuring device, and piston pump without direct contact with the reagents.
  • Automatic Alarm Mechanism for reagent deletion or date exceeded etc.
    Automatic diagonasis function
    The system can automatically reset to run when power on again after power off or water break suddenly.
  • Large data storage and humanized operation interface
    The large capacity storage hard disk storage, can store the historical data for five years continuously, large touch screen, with good human-computer interaction, simple operation and easy to learn.
  • Rich Communication Interfaces
    Support the 4-20mA, RS232/485, TCP/IP, GPRS