Monitoring Integration SPD LP - XA230BC

Monitoring Integration SPD LP - XA230BC
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  • 383935 monitoring integration spd lp xa230bc?1495352753

 Application Range
LP-XA230BC series triad integration SPD are applied to surge protection of power control, signal, BNC video signal or RJ45 Ethernet with characteristics of low clamping voltage, quick response etc. which can release and prevent the damage to the protected device
arising from inductive surge from power and control wire or the other surge over voltage. They are widely used in the field of serucity moniting system “Global E-eye” system
of telecom, data room demand so on.

Main features 

  • Modularization DIN rail design, convenient for installation and replacement.
  •  Built in temperature control and circuit breaking technology and multi protection
    technology, strong protection ability, high reliability.
  •  Green light on in notice window indicates power normal, off indicates broken,
    clear and distinguished.
  •  Function of multi-protection : power, video, signal, control signal, RJ45. 
  •  Build in 4mm2 elevating earthing terminal, more reliable earthing.