Surge Protective Unit LP-75B

Surge Protective Unit LP-75B
  • 383937 spd for power class b lp 75b?1495352968

 Application range
LP-75B series are applied to equipotential bonding of the building low voltage main distribution boxes, providing protection against the overvoltage arising from lightning strike to the power class B or misoperation.

Main features​ 

  • Large current capacity, low residual voltage.
  • Build-in temperature control and circuit breaking technology, high securityperformance.
  • Lighting off in notice window indicates normal, red indicates broken, clear and
    easy distinguish. 
  • Optional telesignalisation monitoring interface, can realize remote monitoring. 
  • Realizable wiring to reduce conductor resistance.
  •  Assembled combination modules such as 1P+N, 2P, 3P+N, 4P etc, applied
    for various electric network system.
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