Floatless Water Level Control WLAPC-FL-PN16XX

Floatless Water Level Control WLAPC-FL-PN16XX
  • 384153 floatless water level control wlapc fl pn16xx?1495505669

Industrial & Marine application
Model: FLR­EH

Measuring principle
Conductive measurement resistance from reference point to Switching electrode point

These floaless level switch is design for point level detection is applicable for the following application:‐
‐ For conductive liquid
‐ Float‐less application
‐ Pump control
The probe can be use for vacuum and overpressure condition up to 21 Kg/cm2. The seal material is with stand the operating temperature range of ‐80oC to 200oC.

Feature of benefit
• Easy for setup Commissioning and calibration
• Suitable for most of the liquid application
• No recalibration require when replacing the