Golden Aroma AGR Sdn. Bhd. Profile

  • About Us
    About Us
    Established back in 1990, Golden Aroma has expanded from trading of fruits, local and abroad to a new horizon in farming. We resort to own-farming seeing the inconsistency of agriculture produce. That enable us to control and assure the quality of goods especially in supplying to major hypermarkets and supermarkets in the SEA region. At such, consistency in quality is paramount and we are proud that our farms are approved by MOA.
  • We specialize in Melon Categories, and owing to extensive R&D, we are now able to preserve quality Melon Juice all year round. Nothing is put to to waste, and problems of oversupply are no longer an issue. We will continue to explore better production methodologies, offering greater value and convenience to our customers. 

  • Our Vision
    We are targeting to be a better and responsible provider of quality fruits in the region and beyond especially in the Melon Category putting extra efforts on corporate social responsibility within our team and contract farmers. 
  • Our Mission
    We are dedicated to supply fresh fruits with special emphasis on food safety and the environmental while in recognizing the value in everything, every resource, and every component is put to good use.
  • Logistics & Distribution
    At Golden Aroma, our focus is on retailers, hyper and super marts, encompassing local and international markets from Asia and now in Europe especially when fresh fruit juice is packed in frozen condition. 

    We have two packing warehouse strategically located in Melaka and Simpang Pulai, Perak with a total built up of over 100,000 sq ft, and a logistic team including freezer trucks, ensuring that goods are in the best condition from origin to destination. 

  • Expanding Network of Farms
    Inspired by the responsibility to ensure consistency in supply and quality, we have established farming areas throughout the Peninsula, amounting no less than 3600 hectares annually. We focus on melon produce - Red Seedless Watermelon and Yellow Seeded Watermelon, Honeydew, Royale Melon, banana and more. We are now a major supplier of melons to hypermarkets in this region.  
  • Food Chain Partnership
    We are the only company in Malaysia to work together with Bayer CropScience in the worldwide Food Chain Partnership project. Being a specialist in planting and marketing watermelons for more than a decade, the partnership enables even higher yields and consistent quality harvests.

    In the Malaysian Watermelon Project, the entire watermelon value chain is involved, from growing, harvesting and collecting to processing and exporting, together developing sustainable solutions to meet the increasing demands and expectations of consumers.  

  • Maximum Utilization
    Every seedless watermelon requires manual pollination and each and every watermelon is precious to us. Inspired by the quest to put on maximum use every single melon coupled with the experience in identifying the best for juicing, we developed the Fresh Frozen Single Strength Fruits Juice/ Puree.

    A semi-auto process machine (Horizontal Screw Press) is integrated to filterize other particles. The processed melons are then freeze for maximum hygiene, and to be supplied to cafes, resorts, fast food chains, F&B outlets, restaurants and more. The melons juice are 100% natural without preservatives. The technology is recognized by the government with Halal and HACCP certification. We have our very own R&D team and our technology is also backed by MARDI.  
  • A Brilliant Future
    We anticipate even greater demands for out products as we have newly introduced our Fruits Paste (Agriculture products paste) where there is more choice from pumpkin and sweet potatoes to fruits. It is mainly targeted at the bakery market and food processing industries. It is also all natural, without flavorings or coloring.

    We, at Golden Aroma will continuously train and nurture our workforce, together exploring new horizons, and offering greater value to our customers across the globe.