Our History

Progress Galvanizing Pte Ltd (Singapore) was formed in the late 1980’s due to the growing
demand in the construction business, especially in the building of homes, factories and
infrastructure because of the economic spurt in ASEAN region. Progress Galvanizing Pte Ltd, reinforced its position as a pioneer and leader in this field by acquiring Pole Technologies Pte Ltd, a pole manufacturing specialist as part of an expansion program to develop larger market share in the industry.

Our president Mr Lim Chin Keong anticipated great potential in the regional market, thus we
established 2 regional outlets, CK Galvanizing Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and CK Galvanizing Corp
in the Philippines.

Our Capabilities

CK Galvanizing Sdn Bhd currently operates from Pasir Gudang, our property size is 2
hectares which provides ample room for trucks and storage of material and has a production
capacity of 2500 metric
ton a month. We have one of widest kettle size in Johor at 12.5 metres
long x 1.6 metres wide x 2.6 metres
deep and our lifting capacity is 10 tons. We also utilise
dryers to enhance the galvanizing process, as its technology enables the production to be
more efficient.

Being able to undertake major projects comes as the results of our total commitment to standard and quality in our production process. Since the establishment of CK GALVANIZING SDN BHD in 2001, we have contributed actively in the southern Malaysia to supporting the construction industry and other related infra-structure expansion.
Project Reference
  • Berakas Project
  • BLNG
  • FSO Bergading
  • Mixed Bed Exchanger
  • Multi Storey Car Park (Jurong West)
  • Project Aurora Bosfeed (Jurong Island)
  • Project Setiacon Damansara
  • Project SDP Global
  • Projects TYPE E Booster Compressor
  • Project Tanjong Pagar
  • Project UMW
  • Rapid Project (Rapid - MPEI - 0804, Rapid - MPEI - 0806)
  • Ten-Tullow Project
  • TYAC Harvesting Tank Support
  • Resort in Maldives.
Growing Demand in Nusajaya Malaysia

Being able to undertake major projects comes as the results of our total commitment to
standard and quality in our production process. Since the establishment of CK Galvanizing
Sdn Bhd in 2001, we have contributed actively in Southern Malaysia, supporting the
construction industry and aiding the expansion of infrastructure.

Growth remains bullish in Johor as Nusajaya is positioned as a state government and
business hub to attract more foreign investment and create jobs. CK Galvanizing Sdn Bhd’s
operational capability is on par with the demand through constant and timely upgrades.

CK Galvanizing Sdn Bhd provides superior quality and service. We pride ourselves on our
quality by hand finishing the steel after galvanizing. This enables our customers to send
finished product straight to the job site. Saving our customers valuable time and freight
expense. We strictly adhere to international specifications on all work and will certify to that
when requested.

Being Green

CK Galvanizing Sdn Bhd is also concerned about the environment. We have installed 2 units of
scrubbers to remove dust particles and gaseous contaminants from the industrial exhaust
streams. Additionally, our treatment systems are compliant with the Industrial Effluent Treatment
System (IETS), which reduces effluents in any liquid or wastewater generated from
manufacturing, thus reducing the potential of pollution.

Our Vision

CK Galvanizing Sdn Bhd is determined to be industry leader in quality and total customer
service with competitive prices. Forward thinking management and efficient state of the art
production methods ensure growth and profitability to the satisfaction of shareholders.
Employees' skills and aspirations are recognized with appropriate training and development in a
stimulating, safe working environment. Mutually beneficial long term relationships are developed
through integrity and fairness in all dealings with customers, suppliers and regulatory

Our Aim

● To provide excellent services to our customer
● To use our profession to provide the best solution for our customer in terms of quality and money
● Better products at lower cost
● To use technology for long term cost saving
● Continuous improvement in our product, knowledge and skills