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  • Life Light and Application
    LIFE LIGHT promotes the growth of microorganism in the soil. Its application includes fostering the growth of plants, rejuvenation of an aged tree, the recovery of a sick tree and mushroom culture. LIFE LIGHT is also used to overcome pollution problem caused by the use of agricultural chemical and non-organic fertilizers. It breaks down heavy metal, improves soil condition by activating the soil, promotes water circulation and improves the effect of soil disinfection.
  • Increase Yield  增加产量
    Increase Yield 增加产量

    Life Light increase yield of cultivation

    Life Light 增加栽培的产量

  • Extend storage shelf life  延长农作物的储藏寿命
    Extend storage shelf life 延长农作物的储藏寿命

    Crops produce using Life Light able to extend its storage or shelf life.

    使用Life Light栽培的农作物,可以延长其储存或货架寿命

  • Reduce contamination     解除病害及杂菌感染
    Reduce contamination 解除病害及杂菌感染

    Life Light reduce the contamination in soil or substrate

    Life Light 可减少土壤或培养料(如种菇用的菇包)里的污染

  • Produce excellence crop  生产优良农作物
    Produce excellence crop 生产优良农作物

    Life Light improve the quality of crops - retain the original taste of fruits, vegetable and other crops as well.

    Life Light可提高农作物的质量-保留水果,蔬菜和其他农产原有的口味。