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  • About Us :
    About Us :
    Nong You Technology Sdn Bhd carries all of the greenhouse equipment necessary to set up a completely green house canopy and automated irrigation system. We specialized in greenhouse accessories to help you extend your growing season and better manage your greenhouse growing. Considering the situation that more and more middle and small farmers are searching greenhouses' help to get harvests, we are always working hard to simplify our design.

    Our products are as follow:
    1. Hydroponic Systems
    2. Greenhouse Plastic Films
    3. Irrigation Accessories 
    4. Greenhouse Accessories 
    5. Black Shading Nets
    6. Insect Nets
    7. Exhaust Fan
    8. Air Cooler

    We can serve and give you better idea of your greenhouse and helping to improve your harvest. To expand our business to the nationwide our product are competitive with others.

    Please don,t hesitate to contact us if you have further enquiry.