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  • About Us
    About Us
    GOLDOLPHIN (M) SDN. BHD. produces a wide range of quality water closet products such as Plastic Cisterns, Flush Valves, Inlet Valves, sanitary wares and fittings, and other related bathroom accessories under the brand name of “GOLDOLPHIN”.

    These products are manufactured and tested in accordance to MS 795:2002 Malaysian Standards.

    GOLDOLPHIN range products are made of high performance thermoplastic materials. They are very tough and durable. Besides, the special designed flushing valves and bottom inlet valves make the installation simple. With GOLDOLPHIN range of products, it enhances a leak-free and maintenance-free water closet flushing system with a long service life.
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    Water saving is very important issue today because water is a precious limited resources for life and water supply issue become increasingly complex, thus needs to be managed more effectively and innovatively.

    In effort to save money, the Malaysian Government has adopted a new regulation where water saving mechanism such as smaller capacity cisterns and flush valves are compulsory for all the water closets in new project including housing, commercial and government buildings.

    Based on the statistics, water consumption for flushing cistern is the biggest source of water usage in the domestic household consumption, a big portion of water is actually wasted when the conventional 9 litres or 11 litres flushing cisterns are being used. Therefore, a substantial amount of water would be saved should a smaller discharge flushing cisterns such as 3 litres, 4.5 litres and 6 litres are to be used.
  • Our Products
    • Sanitary fittings and toilet fittings
    • Toilet covers, toilet accessories and parts
    • Bottle trap and accessories
    • Plastic cistern level handle and press button
    • Connecting pipes
    • Internal flush valves
    • One-piece wc internal flush valve
  • Plastic Cistern
    Plastic Cistern
    • High Level Lever Handle Cistern
    • Low Level Lever Handle Cistern
    • Middle Level Lever Handle Cistern
    • Middle Level Single Flush Cistern 
    • Low Level Single Flush Cistern
    • Middle Level Dual Flush Cistern
    • Low Level Dual Flush Cistern
    • High Level Lever Handle Cistern
    • Low Level Lever Handle Cistern 
    • Close Coupled Single Flush Cistern
    • Close Coupled Dual Flush Cistern
    • Close Coupled Lever Handle Cistern
    • High level lever handle with siphon (NEW) 
    • Low level lever handle with siphon (NEW)
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  • Wc Internal Fitting
    Wc Internal Fitting
    • Side Push Handle 
    • Dual Flush
    • Flapper Single Flush
    • Side Press Button
    • Lever Handle
    • Single Flush
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  • Bottle Trap
    Bottle Trap
    • Brass Chrome Bottle Trap
    • Basin Bottle Trap
    • Kitchen Sink Bottle Trap
    • Basin Waste Complete With Basin Bottle Trap
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