I-Tork Actuator

I-Tork specialist in designing and producing high quality & reliable electric actuators and accessories to the flow control industry. I-Tork launch compact yeat durable ITQ/ITL series of electric actuators and also ITS limit switches, that provide reliable performance and ability to integrated fully sophiscated control system. All I-Tork product are certified by ISO9001:2000, Explosion proof, etc

I-Tork Pneumatic Actuator

I-Tork Pneumatic Actuator designed to operate ratating valve: ball valve, V-notch ball valves, plug valve & buttefly valve for control as well as on-off services. This is Scotch-Yoke mechanism which produces a torque curve that most closelt match as the torque requirements of rotating valves.

Power Genex Products

POWER GENEX provide the valve automatic systems with the most reliable, advance and optimal control solutions. Power Genex manufactures and supplies Electro-Pneumatic valve positioner, Pneumatic - Pneumatic valve positioner, Smart valve positioner and various accessories such as: position transmitter pac, air filter regulator and air volume booster, etc...

ALFA (Italy) Valvole valves

ALFA manufacture a wide spectrum and range of valves, such as :1,2 & 3-pc body ball valve, wafer type, 3 way with L or T port, trunnion mounted and etc.

Alfa produces valves in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys, are utilized in various industrial fields for fluid control, in both gas and liquid form, plant engineering, food beverages, water, oil & gas, chemical plants, etc...

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gate, globe, check valve

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plug valve

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needle valve

temperature control valve

diaphgram valve


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